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Update To Our Schedule

Good day ball fans,

After talking with many parents about conflicts with other sports we are announcing scheduling changes for the 2022 season.  We have coordinated this schedule with Seaway Valley Soccer, Glengarry Soccer League, Cornwall Wildcats Football and Cornwall Minor Lacrosse.  The schedule is the best we can do to accommodate for multi-sport athletes.  It is as follows:

All games are at 6pm

T-Ball(5U) - Tuesday nights - There is a conflict for late 2016 kids with soccer, those kids can move up to Rookie(Coach Pitch) by request.

Rookie(Coach Pitch)(8U) - Monday and Thursday - There is a conflict for 2014 kids with soccer on Monday, those kids can move to Minor Division by request.

Minor(10U) - Tuesday and Wednesday - There is a conflict for late 2011 kids with soccer on Wednesday, those kids can move to Intermediate by request.

Intermediate(13U) - Monday and Thursday

Senior(16U) - Monday and Thursday

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer and if you have any questions or concerns please reach out.  We want to help get kids back out to being as active and healthy as possible after these past two years.


Kyle Bergeron