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       Frequently Asked Baseball Questions

Below are some frequently asked baseball questions that you may have. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of our board. 

 Does a Participant have to have played baseball before? 
Cornwall District Minor Baseball does not require previous baseball experience at any level. All of our baseball programs are designed to accommodate players of all levels, including beginners. 

 What Days of the week do we play?
Our recreational league runs Monday to Thursday each week with different age groups playing on specific nights. 
T-Ball(4-6) –Tuesday or Wednesday (Once a week, parents can choose the night of the week they wish their child to play) 
Rookie(6-7) – Monday and Thursday 
Pitching Machine(8-9) – Tuesday and Wednesday
Major(10-12) – Monday and Thursday
Senior(13-16) – Tuesday and Thursday

When does the season start and how long is it?
Our recreational season starts the first week of May and runs until the wekend of 10-11 August. The first week of the season is typically evaluations of players, after that, the teams are drafted and you will receive notice of what team your child has been placed on. 

Do I have to play house league to play for the Cornwall River Rats?
Yes, in order to be eligible to play in Little League, you must play in the recreational league program with exception to the 16U team.

Can my child play in an older/younger division?
Sometimes, it may be desirable to move your child to an older/younger division to be with a friend or sibling. If the request is beyond what is allowed in our registration, then, you can make a request directly to the league.

I live outside of Cornwall, can my child still play?
Cornwall District Minor Baseball proudly serves Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. If you are not sure that you are within our district you can reach out to us, or visit the Little League, League Finder  .

We are also partnered with South Stormont Baseball(Ingleside) and Glengarry Minor Baseball who offer Little League Programs.  If you live in these areas you may play in these leagues if desired and you would still be eligible for Cornwall River Rats Baseball.

What Equipment does my child require to play?

  • A Baseball glove 
  • A Batting Helmet
  • A water bottle
  • Jogging pants or baseball pants (T-Ball can wear shorts)  
  • Running shoes are perfectly fine for t-ball and coach pitch, cleats are recommended for Pitching Machine and above. 
  • An athletic cup is recommended for major and above. 

Cornwall District Minor Baseball will provide a Jersey and a ball cap to our players. All of the other major equipment to play such as catcher’s equipment, balls, bases, bats are also provided by the league. 

What type of baseball glove should I buy my child? 
There is a great article, everything you need to know about buying a glove that can be referenced. This will provide little leaguers and their parents all of the information they need on what to look for when buying a baseball glove.

Where do we play?
Out of the beautiful Legion Park located in the South end along the river, off of Marlborough avenue at 2 Bergeron Drive Cornwall, Ontario.

How do game cancellations work and when are they announced?
Decision to cancel the games will be made by NLT 5PM.  They will be announced through our social media and by e-mail.  It is possible that a game may be cancelled later if the weather shifts unexpectedly.  If there is no announcement by 5pm, that means the games are on.  It is best to follow us on Facebook for these announcements as it will be published there first.

Heat Warnings – If there is an Environment Canada heat warning at 5pm, that will result in T-ball being automatically cancelled.  Rookie and above will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  It is possible to have a heat warning at 430pm but have a temperature drop by game time.  The older kids are hardier and we encourage bringing lots of water, using sunscreen and sitting in the shade.

Lightning Guidelines
Upon seeing a lightning strike, all games are suspended and may start only after 15 minutes have passed from the last sighting of lightning.
All players and spectators should move to safety and away from steel fences and trees. Wait in your cars until the game restarts or is cancelled.
For more information, please read: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/programs/asap/lightning.htm

Rain – A little bit of rain in the forecast does not mean automatic cancellation.  T-ball, Coach Pitch and Pitching Machine are less affected by rain because the players are not pitching.  Look for announcements about cancellation.  All day rain is a likely cancellation due to the fields being soaked.  A light sprinkle in the evening may cause a small game delay but we will strive to get the game in.
Make Up Games

T-ball – There will be no makeup games as they are built into the schedule, unless there are more than 3 cancellations.

Rookie, Pitching Machine, Major and Senior– All games will be made up.  

 When are the tryouts for the Cornwall River Rats?
Tryout dates will be announced through email and Social Media.

How much does it cost to play travelling team?

Cost of travelling teams is set by the coach and there is a variety of factors that affect the cost, such as;
Uniforms (all players must purchase their uniforms) A complete Cornwall River Rats uniform which consists of Hat, Helmet, socks, pants and personalized Jersey.
Tournament fees (4-6 tournaments a season)
Umpire fees
As well as other miscellaneous costs that may arise. 
You can expect that playing on the Cornwall River Rats is going to cost between $350 and $1000.  Final costs largely depends on fundraising. 
You can speak to the coach directly for more information. Strict accounting measures are taken and full financials are provided at the end of the season to the parents with a refund of any unused funds.

How does the Little League qualifiers and season look?
Teams will begin their season by playing home/away travel ball games against competing Little League teams in the geographic area such as, Kingston, Ottawa, Brockville, etc.  The teams then enter into the District 7 playdowns.  District 7 consists of teams from Cornwall, Kingston and Brockville.  The winner will advance to the Provincials in July.  The winner in Major and older divisions will advance to the Canadians and the winner of the Canadians will advance to the World Series hosted in the USA.
The Cornwall River Rats will also play in a number of tournaments and exhibition games throughout the season with the season typically wrapping up mid to late August.

Bat Buying Tips
While it is not necessary to buy a bat, you may wish to do so.  Please review the bat regulations before you make that purchase.
Please Note, That As Of January 1, 2018, The New USA Baseball Bat Standard Was Implemented By Little League. USABat Standard Bats Must Be Used In The Major And Below Divisions. Either USABat Or BBCOR Bats Must Be Used In Intermediate And Junior Divisions. At The Senior Division, All Bats Must Meet The BBCOR Standard. So While The Information On Some Of These Website May Be Helpful For Determine The Size Of Bat You Should Purchase, You Must Make Sure That Bat You Purchase Is A "Legal" Bat, Otherwise Your Player Will Not Be Allowed To Use It For Games.

Be a Better Hitter Link
Little League Bat Information

Find Out More About Equipment and Little League Bat Rules.  Please note that, composite bats of any kind are "Banned" unless specifically listed on the Approved List On The Little League International Website. These Are Updated Regularly and Bats May Be Place On The “Not Approved” List At Any Time So Please Check This List Before You Buy.